Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Metal Stamping

Keep Away from Children
As I briefly touched on during my first post, metal stamping pushed me into my new found career as a jewelry designer.  In fact, it was Lisa Niven Kelley's book, "Stamped Metal Jewelry" that caught my attention at a local bookstore. After seeing that, there was no turning back.  Perusing Etsy, I noted hundreds of such pieces of jewelry - with many having the same sentimental thoughts and quotes. I can be sentimental to a point, but not to the point of gushy.  I couldn't go there. So here I'm sharing a few of my first such attempts. If I can make myself giggle, it's a good day. :D

No Parking on Shoulder
These early attempts seem so light weight and crude now. I think that's because I eventually moved on to bronze clay, which has much more weight. I still like the idea of being able to add words and thoughts to jewelry. But I still can't do gushy. Somewhere out there, there  has to be someone who appreciates my warped sense of humor.

Battery Not Included
And here's another such non-gushy example. I'll probably fall back on these examples in the future, but with some 'weightier' materials...such as bronze, silver or copper clay.

I do like this metal stamping set I got from beaducation.com. The thumb grove on the letters is a big saver of mistakes!

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