Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Gifts

The work table looked like this most of the pre-Christmas week.
Christmas is over around here....all packed away for another year. The jewelry & keychains I made & gave were very well received, so that was a  warm fuzzy. ;)

Made for a Twilight Fan
Team Edwa
  1. I made two "Team Edward" pieces & the recipient  was wearing both at the same time. I think she liked them. :) One was sterling and the other was made from a pounded penny.
Sterling Pendant. Paloma Picasso has nothing on me. ;) My daughter loved it.

I finally had time to break out the sterling silver wire and try my hand at metalsmithing. Talk about addicting! It was so much fun to forge my first pair of ear wires & connected loops. I can't wait
First metalsmithing project - fun!
to try it again.

Hand made earwires. Sterling Silver
Both pairs of earrings were very fun to make! And I think they were well received. I will use smaller wire for my next try...but I was pleased with how these turned out. (For a first effort anyway.) ;)

I had time for a couple of etching projects. Keychains for the Jeep owners.....
And another small one from a pounded penny. ;)

Jeep! Etched Copper

Pounded Penny Keychain

My Mom loves southwest jewelry & was very pleased with this piece.

One beading project included turquoise, lapis and silver beads.
 The design was influenced by a piece I bought in Monument Valley a couple of years ago.

Etched Pendant on Stainless Steel Chain

I dangled a crystal and tiny antique key from this etched
 piece. I've been mixing a lot of metals lately & like the result. This piece was hung on a stainless steel chain. I actually wrote a short legend about the elements of the design. Fun. :)

Now I'm looking forward to more metal pounding and I've got a new soldering iron & some glass slides I want to play with.

Hope your Christmas was full of peace.


ps - What's up with blogger tonight?!? Took forever to get a half way decent format. Good grief!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Could this season be any more busy? Hello?! Eyedontinksoh!!

I've had this necklace finished (for the third final time) for several weeks.

I took it apart again after that last post. I finally got around to putting a clasp on it today. In addition to adding a darker patina to the ginko pendant (made from Bronzclay) I added some tiger's eye and labradorite  beads. Plus, I added a few little ties of silk. I'm not planning to take it apart again....(mostly because I'm tired of looking at it. ;)

I've competed five pieces so far for Christmas gifts and I've another two that are half finished. Plus I have ideas for two-three more. I hope they're well received. I'm pleased with them, so that's half the battle. ;)

So how's YOUR week going?! All ready for Christmas? :)

Happy Christmas Week, everyone! Be Safe.