Sunday, December 18, 2011


Could this season be any more busy? Hello?! Eyedontinksoh!!

I've had this necklace finished (for the third final time) for several weeks.

I took it apart again after that last post. I finally got around to putting a clasp on it today. In addition to adding a darker patina to the ginko pendant (made from Bronzclay) I added some tiger's eye and labradorite  beads. Plus, I added a few little ties of silk. I'm not planning to take it apart again....(mostly because I'm tired of looking at it. ;)

I've competed five pieces so far for Christmas gifts and I've another two that are half finished. Plus I have ideas for two-three more. I hope they're well received. I'm pleased with them, so that's half the battle. ;)

So how's YOUR week going?! All ready for Christmas? :)

Happy Christmas Week, everyone! Be Safe.



Lori Anderson said...

Sooooo pretty!

Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thank you, Lori! And thanks for stopping by. :)

Caroline@ Tiger Eye Beads said...

So beautiful design for necklace.