Saturday, April 28, 2012

Silver & Turquoise Bracelet

Silver and Turquoise Bracelet

I finally had a chance to work in the studio and managed
to complete the bracelet that's meant to accompany 
the Chilali ring. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

What I'm most proud of is that I made all of the components. The foundation
for the stones, the beaded rings, and the jump rings are
all sterling silver. The clasp and flat rings are from 14 gauge
fine silver wire that was brazed & forged.  And just for the record, 
all sixteen (count'em 16) jump rings
are soldered!

Yep, I used a sketch book. I always do when working in silver.
And yet another sketch.
My inspiration came from the design of the ring with 
more inspiration from a bracelet I saw on flickr.

Need I tell you that's the clasp? It's the clasp. Well, half of the clasp.
I thought you probably wanted to see the stones closer.You did, right?

And now for something completely off topic.

We finally had birds (Carolina Chickadees) nest in our of our bird houses. Normally, we only have
tree frogs take up residence. We are very happy about that. :)
I do love bird nests! So after they left the house,  the mister cleaned it out.
Here's your photo essay., those are not Chickadee eggs. They're beads of course. :-D
This is the bottom of the nest. Isn't it AMAZING?!
I  LOVE  this texture!
Nope, not eggs. Some random round seed pods....
I'm always just blown away at the intricacy of nests.
If that looks like human hair mixed in,  it is. That's because I collected some
from my hair dresser to scatter among our gardens to hopefully
keep the local deer away from Hostas and other plants.
It's so cool that the Chickadees wanted it to line their nest!

And now just one more look at my bracelet....because,'s my Blog!

OH, also...I ordered a Foredom today.
Consider me VERY excited!

Carpe Diem!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Challenge

Four Bangles with Four Filler Bangles
Tracy Statler over at  Make Bracelets! is 
Thank you, Tracy!

Here's my entry and you'll find the list of
participants below. I can't wait to see
what everyone makes!

I was away from my studio when fanciful devices Marina listed her
that didn't stop me from buying it, because her jewelry designs
are like none other! That woman makes her own rules, I tell ya!
Exclamation marks!!!

Now that I'm home, I'm finally getting
some time to play. If you'd like to try this, head on over to Etsy and
grab the tutorial for your own self!

Marina's directions are succinct and easy to understand. Plus, she offers
tons of photos to help you along your way.

Cording and wire over heavier wire...with a button accent.
I think this may be my favorite one of the day. I don't normally like to 
use buttons in jewelry design, but since this one has
the shank on the back, I don't think of it as a button.  

Bone Beads, Mother of Pearl, a Rock & Shell, Etc. on Waxed Linen
I liked using the shell & rock that I picked up on the beach in 
south Texas. Both already had holes in them. 

Yarn, 2 kinds of wire & Assorted beads
This is probably my least favorite, but it blends well with
the others. I think it needs a little more smudging.
Assorted beads, Bone, Glass, Lampwork, Sea Glass, Etc. And part of a Shell
I was pleased with this one. I drilled holes in the large piece of shell.
A couple of those beads were
from an old wind chime. Good stuff! Recycle, baby! 

You can also check out Marina's Blog to see what else she's up to.

Thanks, Marina, for the great tutorial and thanks again,
Tracy for the Challenge.
Now you can go hopping to see everyone's bangles!
Carpe Diem!