Saturday, May 19, 2012

Relics from The Lost City of Atlantis

Relics from the Lost City of Atlantis

It's about time I was doing something with the bronze pieces I made about a year ago.  I carved the designs into lino blocks and used those for the BronzClay.  After adding numerous coats of  JAX Green, I finally had that "hundreds of years underwater" look that I was going for.  Freshwater coin pearls compliment the undersea theme. The pieces have been sealed and waxed. The earrings are assembled with sterling silver wire and hung on sterling silver hand forged ear wires (Lilver of Sulfur patina). The earrings are approximately three inches in length.

The linoleum blocks I carved as a mold for BronzClay.

Included here you see the two BronzClay pieces in the earrings above...when they were ready to be fired.
After firing, the pieces were tumbled & treated with LOS, since
I didn't know for sure what I was going to do with them. Later
I decided to use the JAX green on them. I like the result!

These Atlantis relic coins were made by using vintage buttons for molds for BronzClay.
The coin earrings were assembled with Czech Glass beads & sterling silver wire...
 and hung on sterling silver hand forged ear wires. They are approximately three inches long.

Only relics remain of the civilization that once was.
 Carpe Diem!