Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Fish & A Work in Progress

I've had a stash of African beads, carved pendants, crosses, etc.... for many years. Some I picked up
in Taos from a trader many years ago and some I found at a bead shop. This was back in the late 80s or
early 90s and African beads were hard for me to find then.

African Brass Bicone Beads set off a hand carved African Fish Amulet

To some, the Fish charm represents prosperity, virility and good fortune. I'm good with that. :)
I've knotted the deerskin lace leather between each brass bead. I love that's soooo soft!

In addition to the Bicone brass beads, there are brass tube beads - which are normally hand crafted in Ethiopia.

Also, the clasp is hand made from heavy gauge brass wire and you'll see a couple of other trade beads thrown into the mix as well.

The fish amulet was stained when I bought it. It helps to bring out the details of the carving.

And here's a little work in progress - I've had this vision in my head...but it's not working so far. I think I need to replace the large crystal drop with the smaller one.  I'm hoping it will work to use the bead wire in this manner. I like being able to split it at the top of the drop area and complete the necklace. I think I want more blank  s p a c e between the crystal beads and pearls though.......   tired of listening to me think out loud yet?   Of course then.... I think I'll need smaller components...hrm....

And there you have be or not to be.

Carpe Diem!


mairedodd said...

i love the first necklace - it is really gorgeous - all of those trade beads are beautiful, if you were willing to use so many in one necklace, you must really have a stash! you will figure out the second one, you just have to let it all percolate...

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thanks so much, Mary Jane....and yes, I do have a bit of a stash.

The second one percolated so long, that I took it completely apart. ;) It'll get there eventually.

Thanks so much for stopping by - it's always appreciated!