Monday, July 9, 2012

Earrings and Earwires and Earrings and Ear Wires

More Earrings recovered from the Lost City of Atlantis
I don't know what it is about earwires, but they're a big challenge for me. 
And there are so many styles out there, that I'd really like to come up with my own. But I think it's all been done. Seriously. I made the earwires on the Atlantis earrings above by balling the end of sterling silver wire. We all know how those are made. I then flattened the curve a little with my chasing hammer. I love that hammer! I didn't add any patina to the earwires...just seemed like they needed to be all shiny. The Atlantis earrings are upcycled - The patina part used to be shiny silver. They are very light weight. I don't know if they are sterling or not, but they really cleaned up shiny silver before I started applying the JAX patina. I punched the holes and added the hand wired fresh water pearls. 
They're so light..I love how they feel on.

What gives me such a challenge is making the earwires match in shape. I guess I need to get one of those mandrels and see if that helps.... instead of the ink pen I'm using. :)

Sterling Silver handmade earwires with Liver of Sulfur Patina
More Sterling earwires I made today. I've got
to figure out how to make that little circle
at the bottom actually round.
Copper Stick Earrings
The copper stick earrings are made with upcycled bone beads
and those tiny golden (melted glass?) African beads.
I've had those tiny brown beads since I used to
make assembled tribal jewelry and sold it locally (years ago!) I love
those little beads...they're a clear golden color. The earwires here
are Vintaj Brass...but I whacked them a little with my trusty hammer. :) 

Just some earwires I purchased...but I added Liver of Sulfur patina and love how they turned out.
Another pair of purchased earwires that I whacked and doused with patina.
Dwelling in Harmony

These earrings are stacked with tiny glass beads and what I 'think' are off white
coconut shell beads. I've had them so long, I don't recall what they are for sure. 
Anyone know? Whatever the case, they're all stacked up on gorgeous
Artisan Made Lampwork Headpins from the very gifted and                                                                            generous  Kim of Numinosity Beads
These are also hung on Vintaj Brass earwires that I've whacked with my favorite hammer. 

Beautiful earrings and earwires from the Über talented Mary Jane Dodd.
I feel so lucky that I'm the owner of these gorgeous earrings.
Doesn't she do beautiful work?!  She took that great photo too!  
And just look at those earwires.
I need lessons from this lady. Are you listening, Mary Jane? ;)

And before I go....I have a question for you people....

Is it "Earwires or Ear Wires?"

Google doesn't know.
It likes both. :)

Carpe Diem.


Alice said...

Pretty earrings! I love your handmade ear wires too. But I can't answer your question about the proper grammar cause I don't know.

Kimberly said...

My spell check doesn't like earwires or headpins or lampwork for that matter but I do it anyhows.
I like seeing the different styles your experimenting with. I still mostly rely on boughten ones myself. (Hmm surprisingly my spellcheck doesn't mind boughten)
Nice to see how you put the soft serve vanilla headpins to use. Thanks for the mention too.

Beatnheart said...

Your earwires look pretty good to me... Nice work with the pearls

13 said...

I've a tendency to make mine oversized, but I feel it works for me. And I sometimes use ready made. Loving those bone earrings and that teal blue is a winner

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thank you, Alice. I appreciate the feedback...but I really need a standard 'go to' earwire. Ear wire? ;)

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Boughten... I guess it falls into one of those gray/grey areas. ;)

Soft serve vanilla! Of course that's what they look like.

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Hi Cynthia...thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated. :)

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thank you, Marcia. Those bone earrings still have to win me over. I started with only one bead on them for some simplicity. The simplicity took off all rampant so now I've gotta make another pair. The teal blue is a winner for me too - I like how they turned out.

sue said...

All the earrings are gorgeous - they look strong yet feminine.The ear wires look great too. There are a few tricks to making earwires for sure!

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Hi Sue. Thanks so much....and also thanks for the additional info via email. Much appreciated!

Anvil Artifacts said...

Your earwires look just fine to me. I can't ever get mine even if I use a pen or a graduating mandrel. I use bail making pliers but in class, I hand out a bag with varying diameters of dowels cut into pieces about 4" long so the students have lots of options for sizes. What? You wanted a good reason to get a mandrel?! Ooops! :).

Shel said...

I love all your earrings - especially the coppper stick ones! I'm not sure if it's earwires, ear wires or earring wires - I use all three! I loved making ear wires so much I opened a side shop over on Etsy with them because I used to have people bring me their earrings and want my ear wires on them - so it's a practice thing I guess. But I have to admit that my wrap-n-taps or loop pliers as some call them are my saving grace to making each pair the same.

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Janet! :D
In fact, I just picked up a pair of jump ring mandrels to see if that will help me. I think the problem I was having with a pen was that it wasn't the same size all along the length. Of course a dowel would have worked just fine! hrmp! ;) Thanks for the visit. :)

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thanks so much, Shel. :)
I'm going to check out those loop pliers.

mairedodd said...

i had to laugh, i get the misspell prompt every time i type that...
ear wires are easy and yet challenging... one of the things i am working towards is finding ones where what you put on it doesn't come off... recently i tried ball ending... and you are right, it's all been done... you just have to do it your way and integrate it into your work...
so very glad you like the earrings, thank you for the kind words...

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary Jane....and for the beautiful earrings. I get the prompt too....someone needs to let Google know that 'ear wires' is two words. ;)