Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sterling Silver & Turquoise

Exhibit A
I've been wanting to make a ring from scratch. Not like scratches on the silver, but like
*from* scratch. Literally.
Never mind. 
So today I cut the band for this ring and proceeded.
I'm sure you already know that you can buy all kinds of
bands of silver to be used for the shank, but it was fun making my own.

All the Parts...well, most of them.

The Foredom flex shaft saved me a TON of time with the sanding.
It went soooo much faster than doing it all by hand.

Casting Grain used for Trim

A bit of design was added to the band with my stamping sets and a 
bit more was added by soldering on a few balls of silver casting grain.
The stone is a 6.5 karat Turquoise...with a very high dome. I helped it
sit up a little higher by putting a step under it.

From this view you can see more of the design on the band in addition to the
little balls of silver casting grain to the sides.  In this shot, it has also been dunked in
Liver of Sulfur for some dimension.
And I even got to use my .925 stamp for the first time.

It's just so much fun playing with metal.
And *bonus* --- the assembly was smooth & the ring fits! I thought
the band might feel too wide, but it doesn't. It's 6mm wide and very comfortable. 
I'm trying to find a happy medium between brushed and shiny for the finish. 
I think I'm almost there. 

Next week I get to go to a Gem & Mineral show. I can't wait!

So that's my Sunday.
How was yours?

Carpe Diem!


Juliette Williams said...

Oh, FABULOUS ring!!! Congrats! And have fun at the Gem & Mineral show! xoxo Juliette

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thanks so much, Juliette. Very nice of you to stop by!

stregata said...

Wonderful work - beautifully done! I am still 'circling' bezel-setting a stone...

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Renate. And I do appreciate the kind comments. As far at the bezel-setting goes...just go for it! It's really not hard.

Shel said...

LOVE this! I like how you take us through your process from drawing to finish - it's beautiful! I need to go back to finish my metalsmith classes,...but doing all that cutting and using my foredom (the hubby and son use mine more than I do) makes me nervous!!

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Hi Shel. Thank you so much. I think all that cutting, etc. is either something that you like or it's just not. You do beautiful work without using a saw, so why change? :) Thanks for the visit!

Juliette Williams said...

Okay, absolutely beautiful. As always really loving your work!!