Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cold Connections/Hot Connections/Fold Forming

Fold Forming Nightmare: not really that big. Only about 1.5"X2" not counting the dangles.
My goal was to use the folded copper you saw here
and turn it into a pendant. 

Little did I know that cold connections would 
seem much harder to me than hot ones.

Mind you, I rather like using flame. And so far, it has
served me well.

Sketch: It seemed like something needed to hang off the bottom.
Eventually the mojo danced in and led me
to the little pieces that I'd snipped off the original piece.
I trimmed them a little; punched holes & added them
and that gorgeous, smooth briolette to the mix.
I wish I could remember what stone that is, because I like it a lot.

I just included this pic because I like to see the funkiness Hipstamatic (iPhone Camera) turns out.
I did solder that piece of copper tubing to the top.
Mind you, there was one piece of solder that flat refused to melt.

It's a wonder that piece of copper didn't melt into a big ole heap - as many times
as it was heated. So I cold connected it to another piece of copper
with rivets. Ugh. I just need to practice those about a bazillion times.
The back of the pendant was so ugly that I stamped & etched it just for
a little diversion from the rivets. 

Nothing says "hand made" like wonky hand forged rivets!

Somewhere in there I smeared some alcohol inks around on it...
oh yeah, and some (patina for all metals) by Ranger/Vintaj too.
After stringing a super soft deer skin suede cord through
the copper tube, and adding a couple of
African trade beads to the ends, I called it quits.

Back. Uhhuh.
carpe diem!


Juliette Williams said...

Lela, it's beautiful!!!! And honestly, rivets are insanely aggravating to me, too - you did a wonderful job with them!

xoxo Juliette

Sharon said...

I hates rivets! But your pendant turned out quite prettily and that's all that counts, even after all that rivet aggravation!

Lucie said...

Your experiment with foldforming is just great! And I know rivets can be maddening but what a pleasure when it works well!

Kashmira Patel said...

Wow! This is gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

I sure do like the end result. Yeah, my rivets are definitely funky too.
Thanks for sharing your process. It would be insanely hard for me to break away and document my work as I'm making it.
maybe if I had a Hipstamatic!
Now I'm singing hot corn, cold corn, bring along the demijohn, yessir!

Sarah S said...

Such a gorgeous pendant! You are very talented!

Sharon Driscoll said...

I thought us lampworkers were the only ones who said wonky - - - I really like how the piece turned out and the fold-forming works great on that piece.

fanciful devices said...

your piece of gorgeous. you know you can use cheater 2-part rivets from the etsys- hammer them flat and they look legit. but whats wrong w/wonky rivets?
i'm in love w/the purple on that one dangle. kind of having a minor metal coloring obsession myself...

Lela said...

Thanks all very much for your visits and comments. Much appreciated! Now I've got to look into
'cheater 2-part' rivets. <---

hammermarks said...

I came across this post and I have some riveting tips up on my blog - Riveting Tips

Lela said...

Thanks, hammermarks..... I'll check it out.

Anna Novi said...

very beautifull!!!!