Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Folding Metal: A New Addiction

Bronze Leaf; Rusty Washer; Folded & Forged Copper

Yet another new technique for may have noticed
that I tend to jump all over the place regarding
experiments. There are just so many possibilities with so many
materials - I may have give up sleeping. 

This is the first time I've played with fold forming. I have to say...
that's fun big time! The leaf is from a thin bronze sheet I picked up
at Hobby Lobby. Here's how I started.

Leaf Rubbing
I had forgotten how much fun it is to do rubbings. This leaf is from
our Weeping Cherry Tree. Instead of free handing the leaf,  
I cut the rubbing out and used it for a pattern.

Bronze Leaf on my new, old non=anvil.
I had no idea what I was I just folded it in the vise, hammered it
flat...whacked it a few times with a chisel, annealing between each set of hammering.
It was fun, but I'm looking forward to trying other shapes, etc.

And pretty much the same process with the copper square.

It started out as a rectangle...I folded it in the vise, hammered it flat, added some
texture, annealed, unfolded, repeat, repeat, repeat, etc.

Then when I got the folded square back to my work table, 
one of my new rusty washers jumped right onto it! Don't ya think?

I have no idea my new/old/rusty washer got that fantastic gold patina. I did the
following: brushed it with a brass brush; filed sharp edges, washed
it off a little, dried it, smeared some JAX green on it a few times.
Nothing seemed to be happening, so I washed it and let it dry.
Magic! I love that yellow/gold. I'm gonna seal it.
And I think I'll try punching some holes in the square and
wiring the washer to the square copper. Then probably use some
rivets to fasten the whole thing to another piece of copper...or bronze..or something.

Can you solder copper to copper with fine silver wire solder? Anyone know?
I'd like to solder a copper tube to the top but I may have to wire it.
Also, I can see dangle thingies coming off the bottom.
We'll see. Stay tuned. 

The UPS guy brought me some new silver today...I want to make
cuff bracelets. Can't wait to try it! 

This used to be a bird house. 
Carpe Diem!


Kimberly said...

This is some great stuff, Lela. Your poundity pound pound and patina are a winning combo.
I didn't even show all of my rusty stuff I acquired on my trip!
You're right about there not being enough time but now I'm realizing inspiration plus supplies doesn't always equal productivity for me. There's that get up and go factor too that sometimes I was lacking this summer when I had seemingly all the time in the world to create. Go figure.
keep up your amazing experimentation and I'm sure that whatever direction you go in you'll come around to your own unique style.
Toadally love the birdhouse resident.

mairedodd said...

fold forming is so wonderful, isn't it? i have charles lewton brain's book and he is just mind-blowing... i admire your using a real leaf (why have i not thought of that?! duh!) it came out great...
yes, you can solder clean copper to clean copper - have fun!

stregata said...

Working metal is so very satisfying, isn't it? Maybe your washer picked up some of the brass from your brass brush and that created the colour...

Juliette Williams said...

Hi you, you've done beautifully! And yes, you can solder copper to copper with silver solder. Just make sure it's very clean, as Mairedodd says :) Best of luck!!

Talented lady! xoxo Juliette

Sharon Driscoll said...

Love the fold formed metal Lela - look for the book by Charles Lewton-Brain (whoa, I think that is it). Or go over to Ganoskin and look him up. He's the guru of folded metal and you'd love it. Your leaf is way great and you could cut that square folded piece on an odd angle and work into a layered piece for a focal. Nothing is more fun than pounding metal!

Lela said...

Thanks, Kimberly. I've just had to be traveling around so much....I'm almost hoping that I get snowed in soon. ;)

Lela said...

Thanks Mary Jane,
Yes, it's fantastic! I had no idea it would be so much fun. I took a look at that book and WOW! Looks like I have to add yet another to my growing library. Hopefully tomorrow I get to try that soldering.

Lela said...

Hi Renate,
Yes, VERY satisfying....what fun! I have so many ideas for it too. You could be right about the washer/brass brush. However, I have been smearing a larger one with JAX green...and the back of it is bright gold - I think it's just new rust maybe. Whatever the case, I like it. ;)

Lela said...

Thanks so much, Juliette. Hopefully tomorrow I get to play with copper and solder!

Lela said...

Gosh, I know for sure I've got to get that book...what amazing stuff! You are so right about the folded square - I'd already been looking at ways to chop it up. ;) Thanks for the visit!