Friday, August 17, 2012

I won 2X over.

It's not often I can say that. 
But I feel so lucky that I won this gorgeous necklace
from Michelle over at MiShel Designs.

I love it!
Her work is gorgeous. Please do hop over to
  her blog and Etsy Shop to see some wonderful jewelry.
Michelle also has an Etsy shop where she sells
beautiful hand made findings. 
You can check it out here.

In addition, we just returned home from being gone for two weeks in
beautiful, cool, Colorado. We managed two days at the 
Rock and Mineral show in Creede. 
I feel like I won there too. It was so much fun.

Here are a few of the things I'm so excited about.

Turquoise. It's all about choices, you know. And
this is some of the turquoise I came home with. :)

From the top: A geode slice from Ocho, Mexico; 2 Anasazi artifacts; a piece of Mammoth Ivory

Turquoise, Cultured Pearls and Lapis

Water Buffalo Teeth from India - Really?? Yes!!  So Bizarre & yet organic & cool!


Magnasite; Turquoise and Quartz

Top: Belemnites/American Squid from the Jurassic Age (Delaware)
and two Crinoid Stems (from OK and Penn)

Top: Opalite
Bottom: Saphire

Lapis: I love it!
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - Isn't it a gorgeous blue?!

There you have a sampling of the treasures I brought home.
There are more. :)
And now I have to declare a moratorium on bead/stone buying. 
But it's so great to have choices!

Plus, I got to spend at least an hour picking up rusty bits
at the site of an old lumber mill on top of a mountain.
I think I'll save that photo for later. ;)

Have a great weekend!
Carpe diem.


Juliette Williams said...

Holy....I LOVE what you brought home!! Wish I could have been there, too! And to collect rusty bits as well? What a time you've had. Are you going to be making things with those pieces, or keeping them, or ? Can't wait to see!

Those Anasazi pieces. I'm in awe. Didn't know they sold those, but since I hope to go to Chaco in the next year or so (if lucky), perhaps I'll discover some?

Kashmira said...

Thos water buffalo teeth have me really intrigued.

Alice said...

Whoo Hooo, how lucky you are. Those are some amazing rocks and beads you brought home!

Anvil Artifacts said...

Congrats on the win! Yes, that neckace is gorgeous. Swoon. What beautiful stones and treasures you scored. Being from Colorado, I think that everything from there has a bit of the amazing Colorado charm, even the rusty trash found laying around. Sounds like a great trip. Looking forward to the wonderful pieces you'll be making with your new inspirations.

mairedodd said...

congratulations on winning the necklace -
the stones and such? wow - they are all just so beautiful...

Sharon said...

You did really great at treasure hunting, they are all beautiful, esoecially that turquoise. Congrats on winning that gorgeous necklace!

ersi marina said...

A beautiful necklace and lots of stony treasures! The Kyanite stole my heart but they are all gorgeous.

Lela said...

Hey Juliette,
I hope to make some stuff with the rusty bits too...maybe patina them? Or fire enamel them? Not quite sure yet...and hope to get some input soon.

Re: Anasazi shards
Yes, apparently there are many being sold that have been collected on private land. I got these from a turquoise jewelry artist, but there are lots of them on ebay too (as a quick search proved.) You might want to check there ... or maybe even on etsy.

Lela said...

They grabbed my attention too,, Kashmira. :)
I put three on a necklace today and am very pleased with the results! I'll upload a pic soon.

Lela said...

I know, Alice! Lucky me. ;)

Lela said...

Thank you, Janet. :) I would move to Colorado if it were possible. I love the solitude in the mountains.

Lela said...

Thank you, Mary Jane. I'm already diving into the stash....and just in time, there's another silversmithing class scheduled to begin in about a week. yay!

Lela said...

Thank you, Sharon.... I do love the turquoise. Can you tell?? ;)

Lela said...

Ersi... I do love that kyanite too! Was just trying out other stones, etc. with it today....

Lela said...

Thanks so much, everyone, for stopping by. Your comments are very encouraging & I do appreciate it.

13 said...

Congratulations, such a cool necklace and great beads, not too sure about the teeth..but the squid look intriguing