Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Crusty Copper Cuff & Some Other Stuff

Crusty Copper Form Folded Cuff with *RIVETS*  

That's right, people. I tried my hand at rivets again. These were going pretty good
until I used a leather mallet on it - on the bracelet mandrel....and one rivet went flying off.
I found it by backing the 4Runner out of the garage & sweeping the floor.

Back to the drawing board...I then attempted to solder it back in place and burned allllll the patina off.
By the way...the verdigris patina is achieved with JAX Green Patina.
I love that stuff. Can you tell?
Then I punted. I started over. 
In the end, I'm pretty happy with it. There's form folding in there. And there's some
etching (the swirly pattern.) Plus, can you see the punches? One thing I like
about the verdigris patina is that it looks pretty cool with turquoise rings

Just for the record: The second time on the mandrel, I used my hands to form the cuff. 

The cuff has a couple coats of sealer 
and a final coat of Dorland's wax medium to seal and buff.

Earrings! I declared them not ugly. So they can stay. 

Domed & textured Vintaj brass disks, Mother of Pearl Beads &
hand formed copper sticks.

A little background about all these earrings --- I picked up the
Mother of Pearl stick beads in a shop in
Corpus Christi, TX. When I took them out of the bag later, I noticed that
the young lady in the shop had labeled them "Coral."  Close.  ;)

The colors in them are a sort of taupe
and light coffee cream. They're really gorgeous.

This pair has Vintaj paddles hung behind the Mother of Pearl beads.

And the second pair has the same mother of pearl beads
and are hung from some copper disks that have been domed, 
textured and have liver of sulfur patina added....AND been sealed with 2 coats of sealer.

Yet another XO pendant
In keeping with the XO theme from the last post, here's a teeny, tiny version.
This one is made from BronzClay. The pendant is smaller
than a penny and hung on a tiny antiqued bead chain.

Upcycled Components
These three tiny, silver beads may be silver plated instead of sterling. I'm not sure.
They were rescued from an old bracelet. I only know that they really
came to life when I threw them in the tumbler for an hour or so. 
They're on a sterling chain which has some light patina added for depth.

Carpe Diem!


Lucie said...

Wow that cuff Lela! I'm impressed, love everything about it! These spirals, are they stamped? I'm damn jealous I can't import some jax miraculous products to France!!!

PipnMolly said...

That cuff is gorgeous !!

Lela said...

Thanks so much, ladies!
Lucie: The spirals were done with etching.

Angela Crispin said...

I absolutely LOVE your cuff! Congratulations, it's gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

Cuff love!

Anvil Artifacts said...

earrings are so not ugly and the cuff is beyond amazing! LOVE it!

Lela said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you, ladies! I like how the cuff (finally) turned out too. :)

Cynthia said...

Love the cuff!! So many interesting textures, and I really like the added dimension of the rivets. Great patina!