Monday, December 31, 2012

Copper Ring Love

Check out what I did with some of
the copper parts I whacked out with my new
Swanstrom Disc Cutter. 

Okay. Okay. I know you've probably
seen similar designs before. 
Never-the-less.....I love it!  :)

The steps involved:

1.   Cut a disc. Sand edges smooth.
2.   Cut a washer. Sand edges smooth.
3.   Follow directions on RioGrande web site to make ring from washer.
4.   Clean disc with Comet. Solder silver casting grain of various sizes into center of disc.
4.5 Toss into pickle pot to clean firescale.
5.   Flatten silver casting grain with planshing hammer.
6.   Dome disk with casting grain in cheap wooden dapping block.
7.   Sand & file a flat place on the ring.
8.   Sand and file a spot on the back of the dome.
9.   Clean ring and disk with Comet. Solder domed top to ring.
9.5 Toss into pickle pot to clean firescale.
10. Clean and sand yet again.
11. Clean with toothbrush and soap to remove loose particles.
12. Dunk ring into Liver of Sulfur until black - stop LOS bath with Baking Soda Water.
13. Clean and sand...especially around the edge of the top piece (to reveal a copper glowing edge.)
14. Toss into tumbler (1-2 hrs.) with stainless steel shot to strengthen the copper.
15.  Enjoy! :)

It's not listed yet. 
Listed now.
It's a size 6.75 (approximately.)
I think it worked really well to leave it mostly black and
just highlight those warm, copper edges. 

And if I haven't mentioned it lately, I need to remind you about this site
See the filters on some of those photos? Okay, now that I looked again, all of them
may have a filter. is so easy and best of all, it's FREE.
You don't even have to register. Seriously, go try it. 
I'm hooked.

And again I say: Happy New Year!

And Carpe Diem!

ps: If I haven't told you already, I highly suggest a vinegar/salt solution for your pickle pot.
Completely non-toxic....and works GREAT. I just heat plain white vinegar in a big glass measuring pitcher in the micro. Keep adding salt (stirring) until the mixture won't take any more salt.
Put it in the pickle pot. Trust me on this one. That is all. Carry on.


Sharon Driscoll said...

Well done Lady Lela - well done!

Lela said...

Thanks Sharon. :) I want to see what you've done with your new disc cutter!

Anvil Artifacts said...

Wonderful! What a great new toy! Looking forward to many more great pieces from your talented hands.

Lela said...

Awww, Janet. That's so nice! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)