Monday, January 30, 2012

:: focus ::

...from today's walk
I finally have a word for the new year.


It only took me a month to realize I need to focus.

I'm a photographer, so I should know how to focus.

And I'm a collector....always have been.

...from a walk last fall

Plus, I've always loved things that are gritty and/or earthy & that tell stories with their colors, textures and patterns....

objects with meaning.....

objects from nature....

objects that evoke least to me.

...collected on hikes last summer

I'm forever bringing things home from hikes that find a place my home or on my work table.

 ...i can't resist shells

....and sea glass

So finally I know that my focus this year will be on nature and the many gifts it gives.  That....and all things old and crusty...things that appear to have been dug from the earth. And if I can't use the objects directly, at least they will inspire whatever I'm creating. patina applied to bronzclay

...i'm looking forward to finishing this piece

ps: formatting blogger for new posts is making me crazy. help!

that is all.

carpe diem


Thursday, January 19, 2012

What made me think I wanted to solder stuff?

I watched a ton of videos on this process...they made it look so easy! Who knew there were so many kinds of soldering irons; so many kinds of solder; so many kinds of flux? Not me. So this is a 'learn as you go process for me..but I'm learning with each piece. 

I've had it with blogger tonight....maybe I'm just blogger challenged.  So I'm just gonna toss up a bunch of shots. The pendants are all 1 inch x 3 inches and are two sided and I think you can figure out which go with which. I've left a couple of the pieces bright silver...all sanded & buffed. On a few of the others, I've used JAX Pewter Black.


I can see these not only simply as pendants...but as a components with other things going on as well. I've a few ideas for that. We'll see. Stand by.

There's a class in silversmithing & jewelry at the local art center during February - Tuesday & Thursday evenings.... I've signed up & am very much looking forward to it.

Hey, I have followers! Thank you all so much for's very much appreciated. At least I feel like I'm not talking to myself in here. ;)  I hope to feature each of you soon right here!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Tiny Collages

It's almost mid-January. I need more studio time! I'm currently working on tiny collages. This is right up my alley, so to speak, because I love working in mixed media!

Tiny Collages

These tiny collages will be trimmed to fit between two microscope slides and soldered around the edges...or they'll be used as components in larger pieces.  The possibilities are endless. Endless I tell you!

Below is a shot of my brand new soldering station. The Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station is to arrive tomorrow via Brown. I can't wait to give it a run for its money. I've tried two lesser soldering irons with no satisfactory results. They didn't have enough wattage. This Hakko Baby will have WATTAGE!     Stay tuned. ;)

Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station