Thursday, October 18, 2012

Form Folded & Etched Copper Cuff


Form Folding



Works for me!

The thing is, these cuffs are light enough that you hardly know you're wearing them.
That works for me too!

ps: Something is askew with blogger. I have several blogs that I follow
that appear and disappear at random on my blog list on the profile page.

And speaking of a little something for you to try.
Put the word 'askew' in a Google search.
Watch what happens.
Carpe Diem!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Form Folding Copper

Form Folded Copper Cuff Bracelet
Cynthia Murray has some great form folded copper cuffs
on her blog. In addition, she has some beautiful jewelry
and paintings. Her form folded cuffs inspired me to
try form folding again. Thanks, Cynthia!

Annealing, folding, hammering flat, annealing, opening...repeat, repeat, repeat.
And so much fun!
I tumbled it to get some strength back. It was pretty
lightweight copper, so it was easier to manipulate.
After dunking in liver of sulfur and hitting the
high spots, I called it done. 
Although I haven't sealed or waxed it yet.

I think I'll try some etching on the next one.

I finally got a hotter torch...well, just a plumber's torch. 
But I'm able to use propane with it, so annealing the copper
is super easy. 

I opted for one with a 5 ft hose, and I'm very glad I did!
It said it was for use with MAPP gas, but that you could also use propane.
I got propane. I wonder if MAPP is hotter.....need to find out.

But it works to anneal the copper and now I can also
ball the ends of copper wire.

In other news, I figured out what to do with some of the
fine silver clay pieces. I used them in conjunction with some
black glass beads on this rope necklace.
The long silver piece seemed like it was a good pendant drop
for such a piece.
Sterling silver chain, sterling bead, sterling loop & a little liver of sulfur.

This was an experiment in scanning a necklace with a piece
of paper on top of it. I think it worked pretty darn good!

I just love these little seed pods....picked them up yesterday during a hike along the river.
They're so delicate and perfect. 
Green Heron
I leave you with this handsome guy. He's been hanging out at our
neighborhood lake. Isn't he great?!

Carpe Diem!