Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some Jewelry and Some Art

Sterling ear wires, coconut shell beads and some of Kim's (Numinosity) headpins.
They started out like this...with no idea really where they were going.

Earrings outside my comfort zone. But they were fun!

Then we have these. They were more of a practice in ear wire construction.

Sterling Silver and Coral

Sterling Silver and Obsidian
My hairdresser loves bracelets so she got this one for Christmas. Swarovski crystals and fresh water coin pearls....with a hand formed clasp.

Then we have the work table...just for Tracy. This is just part of my work space.

I love the big south windows...with lots of bird feeders just outside.

The kiln and another work space for soldering and patina are in the garage.
I have grand plans to have a big long workbench put in out there.
We'll see if that ever happens. 

And back to the "studio room" corner is for painting. I'm feeling the
urge to start smearing oils again. It's been a long time since I did.
Any art work in the last several years has been acrylics and collage.
Since you're still here, I'll show you a few. 

Yes, I was doing an exercise in this shot. I think I'm ready for color now.

And from years past, we have these.....

As it says.....It's a collage.
And here are a couple of very large acrylic paintings.

This is acrylic and is 3 feet X 4 feet.
 I saw both of these as 8"x10" ADs in a shoe store.
If you are familiar with Pop Art, you'll know that
the AD was imitating that style.
I thought it would be fun and funny to make the style do a 
complete circle and paint the ADs as *large* pieces of Pop Art.
In case you're not familiar,  the masters of the Pop Art movement
used tiny cartoon, Ads, etc and painted them LARGE...
even including the benday dots (a printing process in
colored cartoons at that time.) Depending on the effect, color and optical illusion needed, small colored dots were closely spaced, widely spaced or overlapping.
Ben-Day dots were considered the hallmark of American artist Roy Lichtenstein, who enlarged and exaggerated them in many of his paintings and sculptures.
I gave another one of these to our son, but I can't find a photo of it.
And I have another drawn which needs paint.
I have a feeling it might get painted over.

Another acrylic painting...and also 3 feet X 4 feet in size.
And from a VERY long time ago, here are a few watercolor paintings.

And for your viewing pleasure....a couple more acrylic paintings.

The Village - Acrylics 18 X 24

The Iris - Acrylics  24 X 30 (Or something close to that.)  ;)

Here are a couple of my acrylic paintings when I had a show at the local Art Center.

I almost forgot the computer corner. One day soon, I'm afraid that Mac G5 is going to jump off the desk. That's why I do most of my work on the laptop. Yes, the G5 is all backed up. Several times & in several places.
 And one last piece of work that was so much fun!
This is an assemblage piece made from things I picked up on the
beach early one morning!

"shell" .....and other sundry items collected on the beach. Gulfport, Mississippi, 7 a.m. March 19, 1998
I think a lot of that must have washed over from New Orleans.

I guess I better bring this to an end with another piece of jewelry.
Yet another copper disc ring...doing the double disc.
The discs are soldered together and have little pieces of sterling
casting grain soldered into the center. The sterling was flattened, then the
discs were domed and soldered to a seamless copper ring.

Double Disc and Domed copper and sterling ring.

And another new pair of earrings.

I tried to make this post as long as Janet's, but I think I failed miserably.
Ah well.
Perhaps next time.

Carpe Diem!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sidetracked & a Bit of New Stuff

It seems like everyone in jewelry blog-land likes to
find their "word of the year." Well, I'm thinking maybe
mine might just be "sidetracked." Yeah? 
You like it, don't you? ;)
No matter what I'm working on, I tend to get sidetracked.
So why not just go with it?! 
That's just how I roll.

Black Bangle Stack
 I've been working sporadically the last couple
of days on this bangle stack.
A couple of them are with memory wire.
I actually like working with that stuff!

With Memory Wire & several Up-Cycled Beads

Memory Wire with Up-Cycled Beads, Bead Caps & a carved African Focal Bead

Fibers and Beads make their way into Wrapped Bangles

 My very favorite old pair of knit lounging pants gave it up for
this soft gray bangle. Sweet memories of lounging days.

That's a Red Creek Jasper focal presiding over this organic bracelet.
And I really like that porcelain glove mold that I picked up
in an antique mall.

Hand forged clasp and copper leaf charm take their places on the bracelet.
There's a lot of mixed metals going on in this bracelet. 
I made it quite some time ago but today I got sidetracked ;)
and decided to change out the clasp for a hand forged one....and add
the copper Vintaj leaf charm.

That background may be a little busy...hmmm.

That might be a little better.....
I just can't resist Red Creek Jasper.
Hope your week is going well. It's cold here and there's still snow
on the ground. Therefore, I'm dreaming of sand and beaches!

Carpe Diem!