Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beachs and Benches

 A Day or More at the Beach

 I think most of you are like me - even when you're away
from the bench, your mind isn't. 

I can spend hours (days) beach combing.
Every step brings new discoveries.
If only I had a beach of my own.
 At least I get to visit one occasionally.

Natural Patina. A spoon, three coins (one a Buffalo Nickel) and something that looks like a flat brimmed hat.
Buffalo Nickels were made from 1913-1938.

Lotus Heads.
 What shall I do with Lotus Heads, you ask?  I shall look at them, of course. :)

Not a *real* shark...not a real eye either.
A rusty washer. A Sea Bean. A pretty shell.
 Sea Beans rock!

Just what it says.

The ocean is hard on tools.
 Remember...if you go, don't leave your pliers alone for even a few
minutes...or this will happen.

Some of this flotsam and jetsam might possibly make it back to my bench.
Or not.
We'll see. ;)

Carpe Diem!


13 said...

I love beach finds, it's just amazing finding these natural wonders. Just wish I could live near the sea!

Lela said...

I know, Marcia! I just love it so least I get to visit it once in a while. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

I love teasure hunts - we were lucky enough to visit Myrtle Beach last year and my pockets were so full of "finds" I thought they'd rip out. I too wish I lived closer to the sea. I most certainly can find you a good branch or two but sea shells are a little heard to come by.

Lela said...

Re: treasure hunts - me too! The nice thing is...most of us find little treasures wherever we are. ;)

Anvil Artifacts said...

looking forward to seeing how you incorporate the treasures that make it to your workbench. always a delight to see what you come up with!

Lela said...

Thanks for dropping by, Janet. Some of this has already been left behind. Of course it's also been replaced with other stuff. ;)

fanciful devices said...

DUDE! I love this here blog! how come you never told me to put in on my blog roll and to visit it- see im dense and need to be ourtight told these things or i just dont do it... imna go look at more of your eye candy now....

Lela said...

Hey there, fanci. Thanks for stopping in...always appreciated!