Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rings and other Stuff

The ring I made for my Valentine.
Here we have a black Onyx ring I made for our daughter.
 I was concerned about this stone staying put with E-6000 so I used
plumber's epoxy putty. That should do it. ;)

And a ring made for our son.....he picked the stone. I like how it turned out! Only the pic is annoying. ;)

And here we have yet another ring.....
It looks like a bracelet, but it's a pinky ring. All sterling silver.

 I'm having fun making those disc rings.

Just decided to make you look at it again.

Oh..and here's a ring I finished last week (before the new torch.)
I had it listed, but took it down to see if I can work on it
a little more. The butane torch was giving me fits on it.

Another ring.
 You know.... I finally opened this thing that Santa brought me.
I *love* it!!!
Why on earth did I wait so long?

Little Smith Torch Propane and Oxygen Set for Disposable Tanks

The Tanks

The Torch AND magnetic torch holder. Gotta have that stand too!
 When I was shopping for a torch (I mean, when Santa was shopping)
Sharon Driscoll told me to get that holder. She was so right!
It's awesome...and so is the torch! Sharon (who knows everything
there is to know about every single jewelry technique) helped me bunches 
with the torch purchase too.
I mean helped (Santa!)

Thank you, Sharon! :)

And then we have these. Probably for earrings.....

 They're copper wire - balled at the ends (with the new torch)...and have African beads.
OH, and they've had LOS too.

What else?

Oh yeah...this is our back yard today. Finally got a little *s*n*o*w*! Yay!
That is all.
Carry on.

Carpe Diem!


PipnMolly said...

Oh lovely rings. There's no stopping you now!!
Torch on.

Anvil Artifacts said...

What an impressive group of rings! You have some mad skills! I'm especially liking that huge turquoise ring for your hubs. Wonderful stuff!

Chelsea said...

Those are amazing rings! Someday, *I* want to be able to make rings as beautiful as those!

Lela said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Tracy. Much appreciated!

Lela said...

Ah, thanks, Janet. I do appreciate your visit.

Lela said...

That's so nice, Chelsea! But really, it's not that hard. :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Wow Lela you have been kicking some fanny with those rings. They are looking great. Thanks so much for the shout out - I feel like the blushing bride. I'm so happy the torch is working well for you. It's the right tool for the right job. Those potential earring drops are too cool for school and I'm excited to see how you work them up into something.

Lela said...

Sharon! I'm so happy to see you posting. Very glad to hear that the knee surgery went as expected and that you're home now.

Thanks again for all your help with the torch - I really love using it. Thanks for stopping by.

fanciful devices said...

Im so jealous. I wish i wasnt scared of my torch. and had windows that opened (mine broke).... i love how these turned out in the next post.

Lela said...

Hey, Marina. It just takes diving in and using it over and over to lose the 'scared' part. Thanks for the visit.