Sunday, March 24, 2013

Missing My Work Space

Authentic copies *grin* of coins from a shipwreck...

Getting away for a while is certainly good for the soul, but the twinges of missing
my work space are starting to set in. Although yesterday, when I was
complaining a little about being hot, I noticed that it was supposed to snow
at home. So I stopped complaining. ;)

But while I'm away, it's nice to pick up a few things I wouldn't find at home.
Here's a string of teeny, tiny clay birds (Mexico or Peru?) from an antique mall. $5.95 - I know!!
And a second string with wonderful black handmade beads between the birdies. ♥♥♥
Of course there's always the smooth shell parts that I can't get enough of....

And I heart this scruffy bench for photography...may have to sneak it home with me.

Sea Beans. I've found a few...but picked up a few extra at a little shop. 
They're about the size of a nickel. See why they're called hamburger beans?

Coral. This piece is large enough for me to use to make a mold for metal clay. Plus, macro shots are always fun.

Capiz Oyster shells. They look seem so delicate, yet I see them with drilled I'm hoping can do that

 I brought a few tools and things to work on...and some reading material, but it's
just so hard to concentrate on that when there's so much else to explore. 
And since we are birders & I'm a photog, lots of time is spent doing that.

Wilson's Plover - photographed on Mustang Island, TX. Nikon D300, Nikkor 80-400VR
 And there you have my update from Port Aransas, Texas.
Have a great week!

Carpe Diem!