Monday, April 15, 2013


 Home is where the Heart is.
And it's also where the jewelry bench is.
Yes indeedy.
Where to start....
Let's start with these new earrings.

I was contacted by a lovely young lady inquiring if I could remake this
pair which sold last December:

The Originals
As it happens, I had just been talking about re-making a similar pair, but trying to
make it lighter in weight...because the originals were VERY heavy.
So instead of river stones and thick fine silver discs, I used lighter weight
black coconut discs and thinner sterling silver discs. 

The Repeats.

The lighter weight pair still has sea glass, so they have 'some' weight but certainly not as much as the originals.
The good news? She likes them! So the new ones have been reserved...which reminds me that I
need to get them listed.

In the last post, Priscella ask to see what other goodies I found
while in south Texas. Some may be a bit of a repeat, but here
they are.

More shells, shell parts, dried nuts and a big ole ginormous Sea Bean.

More shell parts, shells, oyster shell parts, rusty bits & a gorgeous hamburger sea bean.

Found these in a thrift store & can't wait to take them apart, etc. The bracelet actually has wire so it's bend-able. I'm anxious to get it all dressed up and make it proud.  Looks like they're right out of the 70s, don't they?!

How'd that get in here? :)  It's dried daffodils that are so delicate. I'd love to encase them in glass or resin. Do you think they'd keep any of their color? Or just turn brown?

A bit of worldly coins that were found in an antiquities store in Corpus Christi.
And some post cards displaying Madre Dolorosa del Monte Calvario.
I had to Google her.

"Our Lady Maria Dolorosa is the image of  The Virgin Mother Mary as she witnessed her son Jesus Christ crucified on Mount Calvary. She is always depicted with an expression of deep sorrow on her face and a sword piercing her heart. She wears the traditional Marian colors of white and blue, with a gold halo around her head. Her devotees call on Her for healing from sorrow and disappointment, especially in love; for drawing a healthy love into their lives; or for nourishing broken dreams."

A friend gave me some blister pearl beads in the hope I could make
her a necklace and earrings with some of them.
So here you see a WIP of the necklace and earrings with the  blister pearls.

I've up-cycled an earring drop as the focal. I hope she likes it.
She prefers very small drop earrings. I'm hoping this works for her.

The same friend sent more goodies home with me. She would like the brown crystal beads to be worked with copper.
Soooo...I'm on it! I wanted to make some copper bead caps for that piece, so
it was the perfect time to order this!

And it arrived today! I'm very excited. :)
I had a smaller wooden one...but needed this for all those tiny bead caps I want to make.

Some of the bead caps may very well come from this...etched copper. I love etching!
I haven't touched that piece yet...except to cut one small disc from it. 

And for both the blister pearl piece and brown crystal piece, here are some
forged clasps I've been working on today. The copper ones have been treated with liver of sulfur and the bronze with JAX pewter black. I love pounding things. :)

Hand forged bronze clasps...
Hand forged copper clasps...


That's my word of the day. In fact, Of the Month. Possibly of the Year.
I have to stop buying supplies and use what I have.

It feels really good to be  home.

Carpe Diem!


PipnMolly said...

Funny. I have pledged the same moratorium over and over and over for months now...

13 said...

Yep I keep promising myself not to spend, but there's too many great artisans like Petra and Kim, too tempting. But I've promised myself I'm going to do all my own metal work and chains.

Jiorji said...

seashells and rusty bits! my favorite :D

i've been meaning to get a dapping set for the longest time but i keep postponing and end up getting shiny beads instead. SIGH!
the funny thing is that the craft store near my house has the dome base but not the doming stick things. it's like serving water with no glass. no idea what they're trying to do there!haha

Lela said...

Ladies! Thanks so much for stopping by. Your visits are very much appreciated.

Jiorji: I *love* my new doming set. I can make bead caps now! Regarding the doming base at your store. Maybe it's like my old one. I have a wooden one & it only came with two wooden 'punches' that are used in all the sizes. It works okay for some things...but not for very small domes (like bead caps.)