Thursday, June 20, 2013

The more I solder, the more I solder.

Caribou Tine Pendant

I was given some shed Caribou tines last Christmas.
They had been nicely smoothed and polished.

Falling back on one of my recent styles of using small flattened balls of sterling, I decided
to use Tracy's pods as design inspiration & go to town with one of the tines.

Caribou Tines
I first cut two discs and soldered sterling balls to the smaller one of them.

I flattened the balls with my trusty planishing hammer.
And I domed the same disc.

Understand that there was quite a lot of sanding going on between all these steps.

Two holes were punched & a sterling bail was added.
A bezel was made for the base of the tine & soldered to the larger of the discs.
The dome section was soldered to the bezel disc.
The whole piece was treated with Liver of Sulfur and tumbled.

The tine was seated into its bezel with a little plumber's putty and the bezel pressed around it.

And I'm still weighing chain vs. leather......

Or possibly even something else...

Thanks, Tracy, for the pod inspiration.

Carpe Diem!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Announcing "Woodridge Vintage"

After considerable thought and research, I decided
to open a new Etsy shop for vintage items instead of
mixing them in with Woodridge Place jewelry.


(Drum roll please)

Woodridge Vintage

I've been collecting for years...and years...and yes, years.

A few years ago, I moved out some of the collection on Ebay.
Now I've decided to resume the clearing out and 
see how it goes on Etsy.

On the off chance that you have two or more shops and by any
stretch of the imagination didn't know's what I found out.

If I use two different browsers for the shops, I can keep them both open.
I won't have to log in and out all the time. 
Handy, huh?

I set up a second email address with my existing account, so all email
will be coming to the same place.
That's a great help as well.

Oh, and I even managed to make a little Etsy mini
for the sidebar. (I had to search it out...I'd forgotten how I did it.) ;)

That's it for now.
Have a groovy weekend!

Carpe Diem!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bronzclay? It doesn't LOOK like Bronzclay. Nice Happy Patina Experiment

I've never been a fan of the final gold
color of Bronzclay. That's why I'm always trying to alter it.

Check this out.
This morning, I heated a couple of the small pieces 
until they were glowing hot orange. Quenched.
And then smeared silver acrylic paint all over them.
Back to the torch and hot red orange.
Somehow the silver paint was accepted by the hot orange bronzclay
and now feels like it's a part of the material.
I do love the results.

The four dark pieces were treated with silver acrylic paint & torch, The right pieces are straight from the kiln.
Dude. I can't get over the results. And of course, this brings to mind
all the hundreds of colors of acrylic paint that I have. :D

Who knows what's next up for the Bronzclay?!?

Oh, and you see them resting on my notebook. I always 
draw around the pieces prior to firing so I can compare the sizes...since
the original bronzclay shrinks 17-20%.
And I also make any other notes in regard to the addition
to keeping track of the time and temp as the firing is in progress.

The Notebook

One more look...look at that patina!
 I think I just re-discovered my love of Bronzclay™

That is all. Carry on.

Carpe Diem!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

BronzClay, Feathered Friends, Herb Festival and More

Let's start with the Bronzclay™, shall we?

It's been at least a year (I think) since I worked with any metal clays.
I still had a couple packages of un-opened Bronzclay™ waiting for me.

It was a little harder than I had hoped, but with a little conditioning (water and lavendar oil)
it was ready to go. 

23 pieces from a 100g package of clay
All of the pieces were 6 cards thick except the ring on the right side.
I wanted it thicker, so I adjusted the firing time.
I ramped the kiln 250° per hour to 1550° and then held it
at 1550° for three hours.
(Normally I would ramp at 500° per hour to 1550° and hold for 2 hours.)

Everything sintered! Yea!
Lots of Moon Sprouts!
The two sprouts on the left are from this firing. I don't think you can tell, but 
they have a very rough texture - very much like they were just dug up from the earth.
The two on the right were from a year or so ago, and were tumbled. They are much
smoother in texture.  I rather like the way this batch came out so will probably
not tumble them. I may, however, take a torch to a couple of pieces to see
how they change colors. (There are already several colors in the batch.)

The last time I worked with Bronzclay™I made sure everything was nice
and smooth. This time I wanted it to take on a very old, artifact appearance.
You can see some fingerprints on them, but I also used a rubber stamp
to add script inpressions.

Time out for a few shots of some of our local feathered friends.

Indigo Bunting

Baltimore Oriole

Painted Bunting

Swainson's Thrush

Yellow Warbler sitting on a hypertufa birdbath I made.


  Herb Festival Interlude

The local Herb Festival is held each year on the first Saturday of June.
This year I bought a house.
Yes I did!

It's a Jackson Pollock house. ;)

I also bought some buttons and lace. I don't use many buttons, but who could
resist a quart for $3.00?!?

Who needs buttons?

Beautiful old lace and a tatting shuttle for $2.00!
Actually the lace was in an old sewing basket. I left the basket
with the vendor since all I wanted was the lace. I seriously don't know
how you do this stuff.  I had an aunt who knew how...but it looks so tedious to me!

I don't think I ever showed you the Mother's Day card I got from my Lovely Daughter.

Cracks me up! :D


Let's wind this up with a few shots from my gardens, shall we?

My new Passion Vine. Amazing!

Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle

Collected shells and Rocks in a newly added swirl and another hypertufa birdbath.
 I like this explanation of a swirl:
"It represents the cycle of the seasons and the cycles of Life, growth and change. Although each loop of the spiral brings one back to the same place, it takes one to a 
higher and more evolved level at each turn."

Random red clay tile planters, hostas, etc.

All of our Spiderwort is always blue-violet. This year we have a renegade.


Who's that?

Why that's me in my new toy. :)
And that's my view.


Where shall we paddle today?

How about paddling out there?

That's it for today, sports fans. Until next time. 

Carpe Diem!