Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bronzclay? It doesn't LOOK like Bronzclay. Nice Happy Patina Experiment

I've never been a fan of the final gold
color of Bronzclay. That's why I'm always trying to alter it.

Check this out.
This morning, I heated a couple of the small pieces 
until they were glowing hot orange. Quenched.
And then smeared silver acrylic paint all over them.
Back to the torch and hot red orange.
Somehow the silver paint was accepted by the hot orange bronzclay
and now feels like it's a part of the material.
I do love the results.

The four dark pieces were treated with silver acrylic paint & torch, The right pieces are straight from the kiln.
Dude. I can't get over the results. And of course, this brings to mind
all the hundreds of colors of acrylic paint that I have. :D

Who knows what's next up for the Bronzclay?!?

Oh, and you see them resting on my notebook. I always 
draw around the pieces prior to firing so I can compare the sizes...since
the original bronzclay shrinks 17-20%.
And I also make any other notes in regard to the addition
to keeping track of the time and temp as the firing is in progress.

The Notebook

One more look...look at that patina!
 I think I just re-discovered my love of Bronzclay™

That is all. Carry on.

Carpe Diem!


13 said...

wow the patina makes a difference. I've got acrylic so I'll have a go on copper with a torch. I'm envious that you have a kiln : )

Sharon Driscoll said...

I actually don't mind the look of the Bronze clay but I think what you did with the paint and the torch was inspired. Now they look ancient and dug up. They should lend themselves easily to whatever design you use them in. I wonder how they'd look with diluted alcohol inks rubbed on? Don't you wish you had studio elves and you could have them try this or that? Then you could say - aha - that's it - I'll just use that mixture.

Beatnheart said...

me like...both actually...

Anvil Artifacts said...

Love the results immensely! And that you take such detailed notes of your experiments! GREAT post!

Lela said...

I love my kiln. It's an Evenheat Kingpin 88 & it runs through the program I tell it with finesse. I should try this on copper too! :)

Lela said...

Alcohol ink: good idea, Sharon. I tried some and I do like what it does to the bronze but when I torched it, it was gone. I may just use some straight on some bronze peices. YES, I need elves!!!

Lela said...

Good. Glad to hear it, Cynthia. :)

Lela said...

Thanks, Janet! That notebook is a great reference..especially since a bit of time lapses between firings. Plus I also use it for sketches, ideas, etc.