Friday, August 9, 2013

"When will you make an end of it? When I am finished!" Etched Copper Statement Necklace

Name the origin of that quote.

This hand etched copper hand has been sitting on my
workbench for almost two years.

Finally I had the answer!
And it's listed on Etsy. 

I need to re-do some pics! Love the rain...but not for pics.


Managed to get some earrings made...

Yeah! Got to use one of those poly discs....
Earrings also listed.

I forgot how to link these pics to Etsy! Tell me!!!

Ya got that title quote yet? No fair Googling it. ;)

Carpe Diem!


fanciful devices said...

love them both. been meaning to etch metal since ever.
the easiest way to make a link is to actually drag it from your etsy shop page to the body of your blog post. not on the item page, but on the main shop page, click the title of the item under the pic and before releasing the click (which will take you to the listing) just drag it to your post.
of course you can always highlight the text you want to link and go up to the link button next to the icon for adding photos, click and copy/paste the url.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Beautiful pieces, Lela - but I'm going to have to look up the quote...I'm so bad at remembering quotes.

Lela said...

Thanks very much for the techy info...much appreciated!! Etching if very rewarding..and easy. Just pay attention to the safety issues with that stuff.

Lela said...

Thanks, Sharon!

Lela said...

The quote: The Agony and the Ecstasy :)

Rex Harrison playing Pope Julius II, shouting up to Charlton Heston as Michelangelo, something like, “When will it be finished?” To which Michelangelo-Heston replied enigmatically, “When I’m done!”

Michelangelo spent most of five years (1477 to 1480) on his back painting the Sistine Chapel.

Hank Dresing said...

Quite actually, this line was said, in said movie, and, if memory serves, on three separate occasions. Pope Julius II (Harrison) would shout up, "Bunorotti: When will you make an end?!" Michelangelo (Heston) would, at first reply, calmly, "When it is finished." The next asking was a bit more heated, as was the third. It was shortly after the third exchange that Michelangelo saw someone, late at night, up on the scaffold. Climbing up, angrily, he discovered that it was Pope Julius II. He looked at Michelangelo, curiously, and asked, in a soft voice, looking at the image of the face of God and asked, "Is that how you truly believe that God looks, my son?" "It is, Holiness," Michelangelo replied. "Well," the Pope replied, laboriously climbing back down the scaffolding, "I hope that you are right, as I may be meeting Him, shortly." Sorry for nattering on, such as I have; this movie is one of my most favourites! Cheers! :-)