Monday, September 9, 2013

Organic Ceramic Disc Components

As I mentioned earlier, I finally caved in and bought
a 25 pound block of ceramic clay. That's right..
TWENTY FIVE pounds. 
I wish you all could join me for a mud party!

Three Ceramic Discs
I've been having a great time making discs and imprinting
them with textures from a Sea Urchin, an Ammonite fossil
and a seed pod from a Sycamore tree.

So many subtle colors that give my white balance fits!

Some I've made with two holes for connector components.
I find that if I add just a little dark acrylic color for the
recesses, that's all they need before the alcohol inks
are applied.

And I have some 'red pepper' alcohol, why not?!

Golden Autumn

Shades of Green

Reddish, brownish, something.

Ceramic clay is a LOT of work, involving several days, but it
is so worth it. I love how these feel in the hands....
and am looking forward to using some in my
own work soon.
I'm just glad that my table top kiln can
handle this bisque firing.
It takes it to 1975° and takes almost 7 hours.
I have some extras of some of these - and some other
connector pieces. I'll be taking off in a few days
for R&R so if you want anything from the shop,
best to get it in the next couple of days.

Carpe Ceramics!

(ps: etsy is acting goofy today - not saving the materials for the post.
They show in the preview & 'poof' when you post.
I reported it & others have too.)

And Carpe Diem. ;)


NuminosityBeads said...

These are so wonderful! I can tell you're having fun.Great shapes texture and color and how wonderful they'll look in your designs (and other's if you're selling them as components too)

PipnMolly said...

These are beautiful !

Alice said...

Ohhh wonderful beads! Love the colors and textures! How fun it would be to watch you create.

Lucie said...

A mud party, that would be great!!! That's a coincidence, I had a go at porcelain on sunday!
Beautiful results you've got!

Lela said...

Thanks, Kim. Yes, I'm having fun and yes I've listed some in my shop. I love how they feel.

Lela said...

Thanks a bunch, Tracy!

Lela said...

Hi Alice. Thank you so much! It's very fun - come on down, we'll play in the mud. :)

Lela said...

Thank you, Lucie! Yes, a party would be fun! My kiln won't fire hot enough for porcelain (I don't think) but I'm so glad it will bisque fire this clay.

Tribalis said...

love the beads!! keep making..

fanciful devices said...

"golden autumn" and "redish brownish something" aren't showing up for me. but the ones i do see have me drooling. and jealous.

Lela said...

Thank you, Deb. So nice of you to drop by!

Lela said...

Whaaat? Hrm. I wonder why you can't see them. No one else has mentioned that. Weird. But thanks for the drooling words. Much appreciate your visit, Marina!