Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autumn, Fossils, Colorado, Ceramics, Earrings, More.....

We spent the last two weeks of September in Colorado. Love the Golden Aspens!
More Autumn Colors in Colorado
Colorado does White in Autumn too!
Trilobite Fossil - Purchased in Creede, CO.
It's only about an inch long.

"No animal better captures the drama of evolution and extinction. Long before the fish inhabited the seas and the Dinosaurs roamed the land, Trilobites appeared some 600 million years ago during the Cambrian period. They belonged the phylum Arthropodal (joint-footed), a phylum which to this day represents the most successful (78%) of all animal life forms, including crabs, centipedes, spiders, shrimps and insects.The Trilobites, living in shallow seas, flourished as swimmers, crawlers and burrowers for some 350 million years. They evolved rapidly into many beautiful, bizarre and, even by today's standards, futuristic forms." Cool, huh?

 And the rock hounding bug bit me while we were in Colorado.
We found a few specimens...not sure what they all are.

There's some quartz in there...but who knows what else?!
The same specimen....
This one makes me want to get a lapidary slab saw!
Flint? If it is, it's made from quartz.
Love the texture in these bubbles!

These were all found where we were told there was agate & jasper.

I found this at Creede, CO and of course it's gold!!! (Not. It's pyrite.)

Most certainly the center is a spear point - all three were worked pieces.
Amazing to see how the flint was worked and shaped.

We went fossil hunting after we got home & found the following
on our local river banks.

That tiny circle is a cross section of a crinoid stem.
End of a crinoid stem OK-I think Janet is right...After research, I believe this to be a branching coral. Thanks, Janet!
The size of the same stem....
We found wildlife in Colorado too. Papa Moose!
Mama Moose & Baby Moose
And a White-Lined Sphinx Moth...
Love the waterfalls in Colorado.
I actually have worked on a few jewelry projects
since I got home. Remember that 25 pound chunk of clay I bought?

112 pieces ready for the kiln
Love Letters Discs

And some of them are finally listed.

As you can probably tell, these are pretty LARGE..
Moon Goddesses

Pendant that was molded from an Ammonite

Another hand formed pendant...

And here are some of those components added to earrings. Finally!

And a pair using both my own ceramic discs & bronze clay discs.
I leave you with this cutie. I don't have cats, but this one kept posing for me. :)

PS: Janet Loomis (anvilartifacts) has a new tutorial out called "The Easiest Metal Casting You Will Ever Do." I really want to check this out one day soon! I'm sure it's a winner! :)

PSS: Marina Rios (fancifuldevices) also has a recent tute out called "Cosmic Rocks: Setting Rough Stones with Epoxy Putty and Gold Leaf." You will be dazzled! :)

Carpe Diem!