Saturday, November 16, 2013

Road trip to Venice, CA

Hello out there in Blog Land!
I've been MIA for a bit as we left Oklahoma on Nov. 4th and
headed west on I40.
Destination: Venice, California

You can read more about the Canals here - Wikipedia:
"The Venice Canal Historic District is a district in the Venice section of Los Angeles, California. The district is noteworthy for its man-made canals built in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney as part of his Venice of America plan. Kinney sought to recreate the appearance and feel of Venice, Italy in Southern California." 

As with any road trip, you see a lot of this.

First stop on the trip was Albuquerque, New Mexico.
A day was spent enjoying the Old Town square.
It's always a fun place to be.

San Felipe de Neri Parish

You can read more about the church here.

I remembered that one of my favorite places is in Albuquerque.
Plus, I needed some silver bezel. Perfect!

I felt like a kid at Christmas! It's not a brick & mortar store, but you can go in and fill out an order form and get it filled right then and there! Most Excellent! :)

There are so many inspiring areas of Albuquerque's Old Town.

How's this get in here?!?? Chase the Shih Tzu turned 10 on November 2nd. :)

And on we go to California.

Sunset on the historic Venice Canals is stunning!

Our son owns The Rubber Ducky - and it was great fun having it on the canals!

Peaceful respite in the middle of LA.....You'd never know that's where you were.

Of course we had great coffee (from GTA) and food while there...

Created by an artistic Barista at GTA.
Mercede's Grille: Crab Cakes; Poached Eggs; Hollandaise Sauce & Fried Potatoes. Delish!

Yes we have no bananas! But our son has a few. :)

See the bananas forming behind the blooms? So cool!
We took in a Gallery Opening of artist, Mear One (Kalen Ockerman.)
 I never turn down an opportunity to look at some art.

 More Art - We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles.
To get there, we passed the Disney Concert Hall.
Had attended a concert there on a prior trip - what a stunning building.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

 "The Walt Disney Concert Hall at 111 South Grand Avenue in Downtown of Los Angeles, California, is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and was designed by Frank Gehry. It opened on October 24, 2003."

Some of the permanent collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art included these:
Joan MirĂ³

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Piet Mondrian

Roy Lichtenstein
John Baldessari
That last one is a favorite. :)


And I made a little art of my own!

Parts from Palm and Banana trees. :)
We hit the Grand Canyon on the way home. After all, it's only
about 50 miles off I40.  It amazes me more every time I see it.

That's the Colorado River you see down there.
See those tiny people over on the left bottom corner?
I put that pano together with four images. Still, it does no justice to the place.


I do have a couple pieces of jewelry to show you. 
I got a couple of rings made before we left.
And I was working on some of the ceramic components.
Both rings are listed - as are a few of the components.

Still plenty of work to do here....

Blue Lace Agate and Sterling Silver Ring

And the back of said ring.

And a Turquoise Ring


And this is pretty much how we all felt after long days on the road.  ;)
Now it's time to get back to work!

Carpe Diem.