Monday, September 9, 2013

Organic Ceramic Disc Components

As I mentioned earlier, I finally caved in and bought
a 25 pound block of ceramic clay. That's right..
TWENTY FIVE pounds. 
I wish you all could join me for a mud party!

Three Ceramic Discs
I've been having a great time making discs and imprinting
them with textures from a Sea Urchin, an Ammonite fossil
and a seed pod from a Sycamore tree.

So many subtle colors that give my white balance fits!

Some I've made with two holes for connector components.
I find that if I add just a little dark acrylic color for the
recesses, that's all they need before the alcohol inks
are applied.

And I have some 'red pepper' alcohol, why not?!

Golden Autumn

Shades of Green

Reddish, brownish, something.

Ceramic clay is a LOT of work, involving several days, but it
is so worth it. I love how these feel in the hands....
and am looking forward to using some in my
own work soon.
I'm just glad that my table top kiln can
handle this bisque firing.
It takes it to 1975° and takes almost 7 hours.
I have some extras of some of these - and some other
connector pieces. I'll be taking off in a few days
for R&R so if you want anything from the shop,
best to get it in the next couple of days.

Carpe Ceramics!

(ps: etsy is acting goofy today - not saving the materials for the post.
They show in the preview & 'poof' when you post.
I reported it & others have too.)

And Carpe Diem. ;)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Earrings and other bits....

It almost seems like my word for the year was "focus." 
I'm afraid to go back and look because, well...
I haven't been too focused.

These earrings have Bronzclay discs above wire
wrapped quartz crystal points. The 'love letters' were
imprinted in the clay before firing. 
Patina added with the torch.
Just Listed
I finally cut the antique tin I've been saving and put
together some earrings.
Added some coin pearls and up-cycled old earring parts
which added a nice tinkle with movement.
These were gifted.

Don't ya love the photo prop? :D
I thought I might have to saw the tin, but my relatively new
Wiss M3 snips cut through it like buttah!
I picked them up at Lowe's and not too glad
to not have to saw the tins.

Wiss M3 Aviator Snips

More earrings. More "Love Letters" earrings. More Bronzclay drops.
But this time with rutilated quartz. I can't get enough of that gorgeous
gem! Mineral? Whatever it is. 
(Rutilated Quartz: A variety of quartz with inclusions of rutile crystals, which are minerals that sometimes appear in a needle-like fashion in a reddish-brown to red and 
sometimes yellowish appearance.)

Again, the bronzclay was imprinted with the text before firing.
Add the rutilated quartz and some lovely fiber to soften
the composition. The ball of fiber was picked up at a thrift store
and I was thrilled to find it!

Had a request for a ring. I made two.
She took both - that was a nice surprise.

 Another great 'non-jewelry' find at the thrift store.
Research tells me it's a Batak Medicine Horn.

(The Toba Batak people live in the northern mountainous highlands of Sumatra, one of the several islands that constitute the Republic of Indonesia. A medicine horn (naga marsarang) would have belonged to a religious specialist who was able to communicate with the gods, conduct ceremonies, practice benevolent and malevolent magic, and provide assistance and advice in matters concerning daily life. The medicine horn functioned as a container for a highly potent substance considered magical and even deadly. The substance, called pupuk was prepared, used and handled only by Batak religious specialists.)

The left side (where the people are sitting) is carved wood which fits inside
water buffalo horn. There's a little wooden pin that holds the "head" in place. 
The hair of the guy on the back looks/feels like stiff buffalo hair.
Whoever donated it to the shop said only that it was from Indonesia. I feel
that it's a legit piece, because I cannot locate any place 
where you can buy 'imitation' pieces.

Love all the intricate carving...
 Nothing inside except dust. I wonder what kind of dust it is?! 

I finally picked up a little ceramic clay. Ok, the reality is
that it was 25 pounds. I couldn't get any less than that.
So I've started experimenting with my polymer disc designs in ceramic 
and so far I like the result. I'm going to experiment with acrylics for color....
But I really want to order some Guilders Paste.
The Renaissance wax arrived yesterday and that stuff is amazing!
It dries hard and fast and leaves no sticky behind. Very good stuff.
Very $$$ too. 

They all came through fine - 1975° - but I felt most were too thin. So I'll try thicker ones and try again.

OH, you want to see more jewelry? Well, I've been listing/re-listing a few
components like these.

BronzClay Moon Goddess and Princess
And these....

Polymer Beads (And one bronzclay disc)

And this...

Polymer Clay African Mask Pendant

It's approaching Autumn and the Sweet Autumn knows it.
Not only is it taking over the arbor, but also the
mailbox out front.
Believe it or not, this was trimmed down to about 4 ft of
empty vines in the spring. It does all this
in one growing season.

I can't stand to trim it when it's blooming, but you can duck a little and still get through there.
OH! Lookit what our son had shipped to us from his
fishing trip to Alaska.

Salmon. Mouth watering I tell you!

And I leave you with this image. It's no wonder I don't get more
jewelry made. We really love getting on the water with the kayaks.
Gotta love the fog! 

Have a lovely weekend.

Carpe Diem!