Friday, June 13, 2014

Some of This and Some of That and Some other Stuff too.....

Seriously? It's been three months since I've been here? How did that happen?!?

I don't have the slightest idea. 

Let's see if we can catch up fast, shall we?

I actually have a jeweler's bench now. I found it on Craigslist.

And of course, it *always* looks this clean and neat. ahem.
Two of my favorite additions so far are the hammer holder that I added & new knobs.
I've been saving a really cool 'flower child' 70s belt...

Is that cool or what?!?  ;)

I actually have another hammer or two, but this is what it is and I love it!
Also, the drawers with their little semi-circular cutouts for opening
simply were not working for me. Too annoying! 
I found some knobs that make me happy every time I open a drawer!

And I think of you, Tracy DiPiazza, every time I see that elephant. :)
We had a road trip in May to Tennessee....stopped along
the way for a break on a hiking trail.

We didn't really have time to walk the whole trail...but sure appreciated the warning. ;)

And of course, it's summer & the garden keeps demanding attention.
We're finally getting some rain which makes us very happy!

My radishes are all tops, but there's hope for the yellow squash
and zucchini. Crossing fingers X

Love, love, love this rose was a gift years ago from my children on Mother's Day.
SLOGGERS™ My new, favorite waterproof gardening shoes. :)
Male Painted Bunting.... yes, in our back yard. Isn't he GORGEOUS?!
I've added a few tools to the lineup. As you all know, there is
NO END to the need for more tools.

They threw in this cute, little drill press with the jeweler's bench. Love it!
And after reading about several torch lighting mishaps
I decided to get this little automatic torch ignitor.
I love this thing! And it's much safer than a lighter.

I borrowed the image from Rio Grande. Thank you, Rio Grande.
And with all this stuff, I'm also learning some new techniques.

I've been wanting to learn tube setting, so between facebook friends
and YouTube, I'm getting there.

Tube setting practice on copper with a pre-made tube setting.
The CZs I got from Rio are really tough (I'm hard on them) and
they're also really *sparkly* :)

My first tube set ring...just made it today. It's hot off the bench! ;) Pink CZs again from Rio Grande.
I have some actual gemstones to use when I feel like I have this
process mastered a little better....they're 6mm Topaz.

We went bird watching at our city lake and look what we found. Look at those eyes!
That's it for now sports fans....stay cool.

Carpe Diem!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WoodridgePlace: New Post. Yes.

What year is this anyway?
Seems like a couple of years since I posted here.
Maybe not.

In an attempt to leave behind snow & cold temps, we are taking a few days reprieve in South Texas.
The dolphins are so amazing...just love watching them.
But Geez, Texas...what's up with's been cloudy & 40 degrees here today!
Oh well, I'll take it over the zero stuff that's been in northern Oklahoma lately.

And while I was still at my bench...which if you'll recall looks a bit
like this:

I was working on a few things....

First there's this:

Ready for solder....
Which turned into this:

This is sterling and about 3 inches long...with a matte, brushed finish.

And along the same lines, we have this little ditty.

This is also about 3-4 inches long. Neither is listed yet....
And I have so many ideas for this same theme....
But they will have to wait for a while...just making sure to do some sketches
while I'm away.

What else....
I was playing with a new photo setup before I left home.

Check it out...
Love the comparison here....which do you prefer?

Plastic container from a dollar store & non-glare glass. It worked pretty good...but..
I did away with the cups - they cast red. I've replaced them with clear glass jars.

I also tried it with some opaque white glass....look! It's floating.

But what I really want & will order when I get home
is a gradient gray to black background & maybe even this
dandy little cube. We'll see...but for sure the gradient paper.
I love the professional look that people get with the gradient.
This is small - but it might be just what I'm looking for - certainly the paper that goes inside.

What else....
I ordered new cards.
Since I'm now concentrating on using mostly silver in my work,  I wanted
a theme that would reflect that.
If you want cards, I recommend Vistaprint. So easy & so reasonable!
I'm spreading these all over Texas.

You don't have to have a design on the back, but I opted for one.
And I'm currently using them for earring cards.
It looks a little cluttered, but will do for now.
Oh, and I ordered a cap with my shop name too. How fun is that?!


Time out for a Valentine Story.
When our children were small we always had a special Valentine Dinner.
Instead of going out we would take our kitchen table to the living room
and set it with the wedding china & fostoria. It was a great, fun tradition.
Well, this year, our daughter invited us to her house to do the same.
LOOK at the table she set for us. We were in her living room
with the fire going...and had a leisurely 3 hour dinner and conversation.
It was wonderful!!! Thank you darling daughter & son-in-law. :)

Donated Sterling Silver link in support of CERF+
 I'm so happy to be a part of a wonderful project that was
started in a Metalsmith's Facebook group.
Metalsmiths from around the world unite to forge a chain, 
raising money for fellow artists in need.
One man's vision for possibly getting 100 people to create a three inch
link has turned into a beautiful project. Please check out the new web page for
this project. More photos and info on the web page will be added as work progresses. 
Plans for the project are ongoing. There is a professional jewelry photographer who is donating her time to photograph the project. Traveling exhibit? Book?
eBook? Auction? Yes, yes, yes...probably.maybe.yes. It will take most of this year for all plans to
fall into place. My link is nothing compared to some of the amazing
contributions. I would love to re-do mine!

A Hundred for One 

And you can see 'some' of the links better here.
Seriously, the details and precious materials in
some of them are amazing!

Last count has the total over 183 links - more on the way.  (Not all in this photo)

 You can see the One Hundred for One Press Release here.


Edited to add that I finally got my 'about' page
set up on Etsy. Would love for you to check it out.
Now I hear they're testing out removing
all our banners.

Has anyone ever used Jewelspan?
I'm still looking for feedback on that site.

I get to do some nature photography when
when we're traveling...Check out these little cuties.

Synchronized Sanderlings

I leave you with this.
Yes?  :)

Oh, and this.

Add your own caption to this. ;)

Carpe Diem!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Box: No Longer Available - Grab Bag Available!

This box is no longer available...

Water Buffalo Teeth (Drilled); Sea Urchin Spines (Drilled); Fossils!

Here are a few closer shots...

Crinoid Stems & Mammoth
Vintage Lamp Crystals (Glass & Gorgeous)
Water Buffalo Teeth - so earthy & funky. (Drilled)

Drilled Sea Urchin Spines (Approximately 3.5 inches) They are LONG.

So many thanks to those of you who are helping me Destash!

AND...this grab bag is available!

I also have Destash going on over in Woodridge Vintage,
including a quart size grab bag for $5.00.
Hop on over and take a looksee!

So many thanks to those of you who are helping me Destash!

Carpe Diem

Monday, January 13, 2014

Destash Day Trois: The White Box & Two More: Reductions

Destash Continues

Day Three

The White Box

Reduced to $25.00 + Shipping $5.15

This is now listed in my Vintage Shop.

Large faceted Quartz briolettes; drilled sea glass; drilled shell pendants; lampwork; large, heavy quartz beads. beads; painted vintage keys...
And...lampwork that I did not make.
Plus...there's a glass, vintage crystal button thrown in for fun.

And off they go to Etsy!


Two more boxes are now listed as well.
One of them looks like this.

The following box is *SOLD*

And the following Box has been reduced to $20.00. my Vintage Shop.

Things are looking up around here!

Carpe Diem!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Destash Day Deux: SOLD

And on we go with the destash.

A few things from the previous post have sold.
Thank you!
A few others are on a possible hold.
And some on that page are now listed...

Today I'm trying a plan that
Beatnheart Cynthia is using. I'm filling a 
USPS Flat Rate Box and
selling it for the
astounding price of $35.00 +postage of $5.15.

Here is the blue box.
Are you blue?
Do you like blue?
Do you need some blue components/beads?
How about a sack of findings?

Shell pendants; Faux Sea Glass; Real Sea Glass; Ceramic Beads; Buddha; Glass Beads; Etc.
Detail of Above Pic

Lotsa findings! Sorry, but this will arrive all in one zip lock bag. It'll be fun for you to sort. :)

Blue stone beads; BronzClay and Vintaj Patina pieces

More Faux Sea Glass; BronzClay Moon Baby; Glass Beads; Ceramic Beads; Etc. Etc. Etc.

Yes, all that for $35.00 plus $5.15 shipping.
Plus there will be a few more surprises that I'm
going to tuck into that box.

I'll be listing it in a couple of hours.
So shoot me a message on Etsy if you're interested
and I'll reserve it for you.

carpe diem!