Saturday, January 11, 2014

Destash Day Deux: SOLD

And on we go with the destash.

A few things from the previous post have sold.
Thank you!
A few others are on a possible hold.
And some on that page are now listed...

Today I'm trying a plan that
Beatnheart Cynthia is using. I'm filling a 
USPS Flat Rate Box and
selling it for the
astounding price of $35.00 +postage of $5.15.

Here is the blue box.
Are you blue?
Do you like blue?
Do you need some blue components/beads?
How about a sack of findings?

Shell pendants; Faux Sea Glass; Real Sea Glass; Ceramic Beads; Buddha; Glass Beads; Etc.
Detail of Above Pic

Lotsa findings! Sorry, but this will arrive all in one zip lock bag. It'll be fun for you to sort. :)

Blue stone beads; BronzClay and Vintaj Patina pieces

More Faux Sea Glass; BronzClay Moon Baby; Glass Beads; Ceramic Beads; Etc. Etc. Etc.

Yes, all that for $35.00 plus $5.15 shipping.
Plus there will be a few more surprises that I'm
going to tuck into that box.

I'll be listing it in a couple of hours.
So shoot me a message on Etsy if you're interested
and I'll reserve it for you.

carpe diem!


Beatnheart said...

haha now I want your destash boxes...

Lela said...

I know the feeling! I love those two boxes you have listed.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Hmmmm very interesting......... :)