Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year - New Focus - Time to Destash!

Do you have a word for the New Year? 
Mine is :: focus ::
The thing is, that was my word for 2013.
Did I do it?
But I'm on a mission to do it this year.

So I need to clear out all this stuff that I'm not using
and focus my efforts all on becoming a better silversmith.
I've been collecting so much stuff (don't we all?) and I
just know I'll never use it.

There's so much more to photograph & get ready
to list. I wish I could just put it all in one big ole box!

I haven't listed any of this yet, but will soon.
If you see anything you want, contact me through Etsty &
we'll make it happen. 

I have a lot of beads to destash - so if there's something
you're needing, let me know. I might have it.

I'll be happy to make you a better price if I 
don't have to list the items.









Questions? Just ask.
Onward and Upward.

Carpe Diem!


Juliette Williams said...

I could really use some of these things! The patinated disks...and the patinated pendants!!! xoxo

Betsi Goutal said...

My word (I think) is consistency. Only because showingupitude is not a real word. A lot like focus, really, but more related to time management and fighting fear-of-failure. If that makes any sense.

I may be interested in some of the destash - the wire, and possibly that awesome bracelet. I'll shoot you a convo this evening.

PipnMolly said...

You are in my head. Focusing on metalwork and thinking de-stash here too. It feels good to free oneself from the burden of old stash.

Louise said...

LOVE the bracelet with the links, is that still around? :)

Lela said...

Yes, it is still around! Only it looks different now. I started wondering if it was silver plated & it is. It really shined up nicely. The price is $35. through the blog & will be $45. once I list it in my vintage shop. I'd love to show you some pics if you'd like. Can you contact me through Woodridge Vintage?