Friday, June 13, 2014

Some of This and Some of That and Some other Stuff too.....

Seriously? It's been three months since I've been here? How did that happen?!?

I don't have the slightest idea. 

Let's see if we can catch up fast, shall we?

I actually have a jeweler's bench now. I found it on Craigslist.

And of course, it *always* looks this clean and neat. ahem.
Two of my favorite additions so far are the hammer holder that I added & new knobs.
I've been saving a really cool 'flower child' 70s belt...

Is that cool or what?!?  ;)

I actually have another hammer or two, but this is what it is and I love it!
Also, the drawers with their little semi-circular cutouts for opening
simply were not working for me. Too annoying! 
I found some knobs that make me happy every time I open a drawer!

And I think of you, Tracy DiPiazza, every time I see that elephant. :)
We had a road trip in May to Tennessee....stopped along
the way for a break on a hiking trail.

We didn't really have time to walk the whole trail...but sure appreciated the warning. ;)

And of course, it's summer & the garden keeps demanding attention.
We're finally getting some rain which makes us very happy!

My radishes are all tops, but there's hope for the yellow squash
and zucchini. Crossing fingers X

Love, love, love this rose was a gift years ago from my children on Mother's Day.
SLOGGERS™ My new, favorite waterproof gardening shoes. :)
Male Painted Bunting.... yes, in our back yard. Isn't he GORGEOUS?!
I've added a few tools to the lineup. As you all know, there is
NO END to the need for more tools.

They threw in this cute, little drill press with the jeweler's bench. Love it!
And after reading about several torch lighting mishaps
I decided to get this little automatic torch ignitor.
I love this thing! And it's much safer than a lighter.

I borrowed the image from Rio Grande. Thank you, Rio Grande.
And with all this stuff, I'm also learning some new techniques.

I've been wanting to learn tube setting, so between facebook friends
and YouTube, I'm getting there.

Tube setting practice on copper with a pre-made tube setting.
The CZs I got from Rio are really tough (I'm hard on them) and
they're also really *sparkly* :)

My first tube set ring...just made it today. It's hot off the bench! ;) Pink CZs again from Rio Grande.
I have some actual gemstones to use when I feel like I have this
process mastered a little better....they're 6mm Topaz.

We went bird watching at our city lake and look what we found. Look at those eyes!
That's it for now sports fans....stay cool.

Carpe Diem!


Lucie said...

Yay for the new tools! Indeed there's no end to the crave for new tools! You made me curious with this torch ignitor, I'll have a look. and tube setting is on my learning list too, bravo for the first ones. I'm jealous of this amazing colorful little bird! why are all the birds in my garden brown or black? ;-)

Lela said...

Hi Lucie...that auto ignitor is so awesome...and safe! Re: brown & black birds. hehe ;)

I just looked at that pic of me up there again & I look like some kind of crazed maniac...oh, wait...

Sharon Driscoll said...

About time! I love my ignition lighter...I swear if I could use it for the lampworking torch I would - but I have to use the old fashioned flint one for that. I will admit though I use a butane lighter for the little torch....bad girl!

Lela said...

Hi there Sharon. :) YES, you are a bad girl. You need to be using the ignitor for your little torch! Be safe!!!

13 said...

Love your bench set up with the leather hammer holders. I've been lucky enough to have my dear father's bench drill, but I will need a much stronger table to use it. Love how the new rings are turning out.

Lela said...

Aww, thank you, Marcia! I do appreciate you stopping by. :)