Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Book & Flush Settings

Following up on a previous post....

My flush settings are getting better...but still
have much to learn.

Here's how they're looking so far.
I've worn this ring since February just to see
if the stones would fall out.
So far only one has and I was able to reset it
with a new one. So far, so good. ;) 

Currently I'm completely involved in 
a new book that I *highly* recommend.
"Professional Jewelry Making"

Yes, THAT Alan Revere.
And he's on Facebook and tells me that he hears
this is a pretty good read. AND that if
I have any questions to let him know.
Social media.
Seriously amazing.

Hope you are all well and enjoying working on sparkly, shiny things. :)

Carpe Diem!