Tuesday, May 30, 2017

*Etsy Shops (Not) Closed*

*Etsy Shops (Not) Closed*

I was going to close them...

I have decided to just leave them open
and not renew any items until I figure out the best venue
for handmade goods.

Even though I've not had the time nor desire to
work over the last 1.5 years due to my Dear Sweet Mother's declining health,
I can't help but notice all the talk out there about the
changes at Etsy. And I'm tired of all the
changes they've made since I first opened a shop there.
To me, the biggest change has been when they
started allowing the cheap, imitation goods
from overseas and allowed them to advertise the goods as HANDMADE.

One day soon, I hope to be able to start playing with fire, hammering
and melting metals and making big messes.  Then I'll have to figure out whether to continue
with Etsy or find a better site that promotes actual HANDMADE goods.

My Dear, Sweet, Mom
1927 - 2017

Carpe Diem,


Louise said...

Bless. Your mother has a lovely face. I am so sorry for your loss. I agree with you re Etsy. I almost did the same thing, then didn't. The fees are exorbitant too. I have looked at Big Cartel, which seems like the good option but is very self promotional - like Etsy is now! Keep on keeping on. x

Lela said...

Thank you for such a sweet comment, Louise. My Mom was my best friend - and I feel very fortunate for that..I know everyone can't say that.

Re: Etsy
It's a conundrum for sure. I just want to make things & not have to worry about how market them. ;)

Speaking of making things - I have always admired your handmade journals. I have a weakness for journals and yours are such beautiful pieces of art. I think I may just have to gift one to myself!

Thank you for stopping by. I do appreciate your visit. <3

Louise said...

Oh it's sure a blessing to have your mom as your best friend. I think I can say that about mine also. Thank you for your kind words about my work. Your work is also stunning! I am run off my feet at the moment but I'll catch up, and soon there will be more books available. Please keep an eye on my Instagram or Facebook, where I have been posting more than the blog! I really love your rings, perhaps we could even trade someday if you would be into that? :D xx

Lela said...

Louise, I would absolutely be up for a trade. Since I haven't been working much, I don't have a lot of inventory...but hopefully that will change in the next few months. :)

I'm now following you on Facebook and Instagram. :)

Anvil Artifacts said...

So sorry about your mom Lela. Sending you a virtual hug. Your work is so beautiful. I do hope you'll find a suitable venue for it if you leave Etsy entirely. Possibly a local gallery?

Lela said...

Aww, thank you, Janet. I'm afraid a local gallery isn't an option. I'm in a small city with no dedicated galleries (one art center) and as you know... galleries take a huge commission. One 'antique mall' wants to carry my work..but I don't think that's such a good idea. Maybe a few pieces to try it.. we'll see. I'm sure I'll figure something out. :) Thanks for stopping by!